174 or Kfisher@Local802afm.org. The Musicians Union Local 6 is a labor union for professional musicians. AFM’s Sound Recording Agreement sets minimum wages and working conditions for musicians (including those preparing music) working on audio recordings—both in the studio and for live performances that are recorded. The engagement is payable at the full hourly rate from whatever time the musician is required to have his/her instruments and equipment set up. Ignorance is not bliss, however, and there are various possible negative consequence to your financial health when you do not know or do not understand the way things (are supposed to) work. Sound checks pay 1.5 times the hourly rehearsal rate. We are always happy to see you. The Musicians' Union is a trade union representing over 32,000 musicians working in the UK across all sectors of the music business skip to main content We use technologies, such as cookies, to customise content and advertising, to provide social media features and to analyse traffic to the site. Currently a concert pays $50 and each rehearsal pays $16.50. music teacher or part-time worker in music industry) But ‘professional’ might also encompass – and attract varying levels of payment for AFM Local 47 is a labor union for professional musicians located in Los Angeles, California. Belongs to musicians of local to international status, part-time and full-time, playing the many diverse styles of music that inhabit Seattle. Chamber Music: Concerts requiring 14 or fewer musicians are considered chamber music and require a 12 percent premium for all players in addition to principal pay and doubling. All of the provisions, rules, and benefits were conceived by musicians for musicians, and have been hard won over decades of negotiation. Instead, they are deposited into your health account at the union, and once they reach a certain minimum level, you can earn health insurance through the union. In the MU we produce recommended minimum rates for a variety of use cases for live and gigging freelance musicians. Enter your postcode below to find your local Musicians' Union office contact information. MU also provides templates and specimens for your use. AFM members also make music for films, TV, commercials and sound recordings. Technically, you are not supposed to play gigs that don’t pay union rates, but you are of course going to do it anyways. Make sure you keep receipts! All rights reserved. If no taxes were deducted from your check, you were paid as an independent contractor, which is against the law in New York State. As the largest union of musicians in the world, we have the power… Performance Start Time Performance End Time (Round up to nearest 15 minute block) Total Performance Time 0 hrs Minimum Call Hours (added to round up to 3 hours) 0 hrs Hours @ Standard Rate 0 hrs Time & a Half (Over 3 hours) 0 hrs Double Time (After Midnight) 0 hrs Pay: $ … It may be scheduled only in the event that no previous rehearsal for that performance has taken place at the performance site, and it must be scheduled no more than 1.5 hours or no less than 30 minutes before the performance. Featuring musicians of all genres, teachers of all instruments, local music news and events, the London Musicians’ Association is a non-profit organization with an objective to provide its members with services and support to maximize success in the music business. THE UNION ADVANTAGE: Musicians of the Riverside Symphony enjoy the wages and benefits of Local 802’s union scale. For music Buyers Visit our Musician Listings to hire the best professional classical, jazz, latin and rock musicians for your wedding, reception, concert, or party.