I know most of them but others may not. In part three of Learn Croatian - Swearing we will leave our poor…, What about: krvi ti isusove If you are traveling to Croatia, we’ve got a stack of suggestions. Kuja – bitch (as in bad woman) - … General Travel Board. funny sayings. It means f*ck your goat Father. “Da” in “kako da ne” doesn’t translate to “yes” but to “to”, so it’s much more like “how to no/not”, and it means just “of course”, not “of course not”, unless one is trying to be sarcastic. Other than that, “pička” is a derogatory word for a woman, but not based on any personality trait (like kuja) but gender alone. Mato and Tomislav present to us Easy Croatian Basic Phrases in the city of Zagreb. One of the first Croatian words my husband taught me was “dosta” (not sure if I got the spelling right). “Imaš duvan?” (“Do you have a smoke?”) That was my first way I learned it. Learn Croatian Online; Learn Croatian in ... (this is a funny one!) Shutting door to stop the lovely draft in 40 degree Zagreb heat makes me want to swear!! I love learning about different cultures and this is certainly something we all have in common isn’t it? – Zivjeli. Are you serious??? Kaj ne? So, if you use them, you’ll definitely impress native speakers. Hi Juanita, your opening sentence up to soup had me in stitches and look where you ended up.. Just quietly both my parent were born in NEVIDANE (Otok Pasman) is your dads name Ljubo , Loui? I know) Drolja – slut I remember them fondly, even if I never even understood what they meant when I was younger. Oh, and you can read more about Croatian pronunciation here. Great post! Stara koka, dobra juha and congrats on the award x, Congrats on the gold award! Please help. In fact if you had read more than this one post you would see that I am learning the language and doing many things to as you say ‘fit in’. It shows a lack of respect. Kako da kazem translates: How to say Do you speak Croatian? e. not caring about something in the slightest. In Dalmatia, especially the Velebit aria, you really won’t hear the word BAKA for grandma… My grandpa ( DIDA ) was born on Velebit and I lived in Zadar for few years, so I know what I’m talking about… BABA is and old woman, but Croatian is a tricky language… So SJ from your point of view BABA is totally fine! It’s instead used to exaggerate your point (full explanation here). Not only does laughter reduce stress, it lowers your blood pressure, gives you an excellent ab workout, and releases endorphins. (Croatian Proverb) If you ask for too much at once, you will come home with an empty bag. Croatian Phrases. Pička – c*nt It’s also accompanied by the pounding of the glass on the table, and THEN you may take your first mouthful. They are guaranteed at any family function. – Croatians do not have an ‘irrational fear’ of wind. Once you're done with the Croatian Phrases, you might want to check the rest of our Croatian lessons here: Learn Croatian. But these phonetics are close enough for you to be understood. I don’t understand. Saved by Total Croatia. , Ajde ne zajebavaj! And animals know their houses, so they find their way easily. Believe or not, that one is used extensively in Croatia, and means: “(go away and) f**k a photo of yourself” , How rude!!! Below is a list of a few phrases you’ll find handy here in Dalmatia. You get the idea right? However have to make a remark about your explaining the expression ZIVJELI. 6. If you liked these funny quotes and sayings, you should check out my hub on funny inspirational quotes and sayings. Thanks for this fun list and good luck! +44 (0) 7948 699 345 info@easycroatian.com Croatian is also considered one of the three official languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Start studying Croatian Phrases. His godfather often starts of sentence with basically “f*ck me…” And has apparently done so for years! Although the literal translation makes zero sense to that use at all. Here are just a few: Hey, I am SJ. We don’t know how many things are strange to you (and all foreigners). My mother used a lot of these when I was growing up. My first visit to the very WARM Adriatic coast, I was desperate for a fan! Which is Croatian for cheers! "Kiivetä perse eellä puuhun" = To climb a tree with your arse first = doing things the hard way, "Naama kuin petolinnut perse" = Face like a bird of prey's arse = ugly, "Pimeää kuin mörön perseessä" = Dark like in the Boogeyman's arse = Dark, "Kuin perseeseen ammuttu karhu" = Like a bear who has been shot in the arse = Really angry, "Persaukinen" = open-arsed = poor (can't buy new trousers), "Olla kyrpä otsassa" = To have a dick in your forehead = To be angry, "Pyörii kuin hullun mulkku mielettömän perseessä" = Rotates/rolls around like the dick of a crazy person in the arse of the insane one = Moves around too much, won't stay still, "Pyörii kuin puolukka pillussa" = Rotates like a lingonberry in a pussy = See previous saying, "Se on tuurissaan kelle suuri mulkku syntyy" = It's about luck who is born with a large dick = It's down to luck, we can't do anything about it, "Ei tullut lasta eikä paskaa" = Neither a child or a shit came out of it = No results (despite the hard work), Neighbors who speak practically the same language and who were part of the same country for much of the recent past? Feel free to use it as an exaggeration to highlight how you feel when you arrive at the bakery and you’re told that they just sold the last Krafna of the day – katastrofa! Pola od ovoga uopce nisu psovke… A i izostavljene su one socnije! See more ideas about croatian quotes, croatian, quotes. This is obviously a ‘tongue in cheek’ and light hearted piece meant to make people laugh and smile – certainly had me giggling!!! Nicely written and very interesting. Love is paramount and ubiquitous. It’s not actually anything to worry about. It’s weird how swearing is very accepted! For someone who does not speak the language to start swearing is frowned upon. thanks for sharing these, I liked all the quotes, funny, yes … We’ve compiled the largest list of funny quotes to make you laugh out loud. I still suspect swearing makes up at least 70% of the spoken language and is therefore the key to speedy fluency, I must add “……pas mater” That’s a common one. ", "(Something is) at the devil's mother," -> "Really far away. There are a lot more funny Russian phrases in the Russian language. :D. Staring like a calf at a painted door...The origin of this belief is unknown... Actually the origin of the phrase is well known (at least in Russia). If you plan to visit your Croatian family and friends here in Croatia for a meal, it’s a wise move to ensure that you do not eat a big meal leading up to your visit. 5:21. crocop funny interview on croatian 23.08.2012 - Duration: 1:15. Inevitably you’ll reach the point where you will fear that undoing your button on your pants won’t be enough and that you may just actually explode. I wrote a piece for the Expats Blog annual writing competition about Croatian swear words, well, phrases actually. MRŠ U PIČKU MATERINU ( go to your mother’s pussy – yuck i know…), and it can also be a very good RESPONSE to a curse, so if someone’s f*** ur mother be free to respond with MARŠ, we also have ĐUBRE – it’s live stock’s shit, but used for a bad person. Already know English? Thanks Katarina, if you have a suggestion for Part II let me know. ", "(Someone) farted doorknobs," -> "Was very afraid/scared. Molim vas, možete li mi to zapisati? A czech man I know, who lived in Croatia for a time, told me that in Croatia cussing is an art form. Don’t know how it’s spelled but it’s along the lines of “Piche ti materina.” It’s the best. Mostly used without ANY sexual meaning or context, one of the strongest swear words out there. Feb 28, 2017 - Explore Maija 's board "Croatian Jokes" on Pinterest. Where did we say make a U? Thanks Mirela for kindly standing up for me. Plus there are more “Croatian” words for cheers. My Zagreb born husband always talks about a phrase that means “your mother’s vagina” It seems to be a swear word like an exclamation. Everyone on your list of nearest and dearest. vrag te odnija – the devil took you (weird if ur not Croatian.. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. It also uses the Latin alphabet, making it a little tricky to learn to read and write. Dalmatians like to swear, so keep that in mind. ", "(Someone) is riding a reed," -> "Behaves all high and mighty. Oh many I am pissing myself laughing these. The tense is kind of undefinable, the other one is closer, good job , Mind if I add another, very popular one; picka ti materina The more I think, our language is really colorful Btw, beer’s on me on the very first occasion. Everywhere is the perfect place to fall in love. For example i always called my grandmother in Dalmatia “baba” and that was normal thing to do, but when i first tried to do that with my other grandmother in Zagreb she was really mad. The mountain was in labor and gave birth to a mouse. More ideas for you. Da sam znala…if I knew. They aren't uniquely Croatian. Just a word of warning, a few might offend, so apologies upfront if you find yourself blushing at these Croatian swears. There's a ridiculously high number of phrases, many of which sound really weird when translated and it's hard to find the origin (or logic) behind them. Learn Croatian: Croatian Swear Words Part Three Back by popular demand are Croatian Swear words. If not abused…I will be yelling…I just saw a site that said I’m not yelling I’m Croatian…roll on 2018! , Does anyone know what Start studying Croatian Phrases. A couple of really good ones I’ve heard… “jebo ti prasac mater u dupe!” AND “jebala te opcina!”. Glad you liked it! a man should always shake the lady’s hand before the man’s.”. Common words and phrases Here is one for the rest of you .. MAJKU TI JEBEM or JEBEM TI MAJKU either way just as affective. How did I miss this? Beware of “propuh” (again not sure of my spelling). I’ll think about doing that if I can find some time (very busy with the house right now). If you read my budget tips page you’ll notice I recommend staying in private accommodation, rooms or apartments, as Croatia has a long and reliable tradition in this tourist offer.. Neither are the phrases. “Kako da ne?” means “Of course” or “Obviously” (literal translation: “How not?”). haha this post is brilliant! Accommodation Croatian phrases. “napuši se kurca”, “jeben te blesava”, “pička ti materina”, “jebala ti sebe”, “jebala ti sliku svoju”, “nabijem te na kiticu cvijeća (kurac)”, ” ‘ko te jebe moj tetrijebe”, “pušiona”, “pričaš pizdarije”, “sviraš kurcu”, and much…muuucccchhh more…. Your Croatian friends and family – especially the older ones will be throwing food at you left right and centre. Love your whole website. . It’s more of a buzzword, than an actual curse. Phrases and daily expressions have a very important role in Croatian. If not reach out to me and I’ll explain. Ohhh yes, I should add that tip in also. Europe: 50 (+6) countries, 230 languages, 743M people… 1 subreddit. Explore Croatia Quotes by authors including Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Luka Modric, and Emilia Clarke at BrainyQuote. “Croatian” is an adjective of or relating to Croatia, its people, or their language. Hungry or not, the food and drinks will keep on coming. In case you decide that you want to learn even more and book a Croatian course: In our language school, you can learn Croatian online or book a language holiday in Croatia. Then you can say you are full. Mrs…thank you for bringing fraction of our huge swearing dictionary. Odjebi – F*-off Then it might be a good idea to learn a few Croatian Phrases. I’ve traveled long-haul a lot, but never had 11h flight without jet-lag. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. ", "Wie een gat graaft voor een ander, valt er zelf in.". otkad sam bio mlađi moja baka uvijek će vikati “peas datu mataraija” ja ne znam kako to napisati im samo 13, a ja sam čuo toliko riječi iz mog Baka. Great site Hvala Zivjeli. I just stumbled on this page by pure accident. This was the first thing my grandmother taught us as young kids. I heard this a few times before I realized that it simply means of course…NOT. So don’t be surprised if you fall in love in Croatia. Well, that’s not how our Croatian family use and explain these swears so I guess we have to just agree to disagree Choban. Keep doing what you do, it’s so cool to read about our everyday life and customs, because we don’t look at it that way as you do. don’t give a fuck”, which is as close a translation for the phrase as I guess it was created if somebody chop a tree and found wild bees honey. Funny Phrases and Slogans That Will Crack You Up. Here is a list of Croatian phrases you won’t find in a travel guide. Although I still can’t see why as it’s a terrible phrase. All you have to do is choose the correct place … Mater ti – Your mother… Why can the links to the other two parts get it right but not the picture of the first part of the guide? Happy New Year Nikolina! Once you're done with the Croatian Phrases, you might want to check the rest of our Croatian lessons here: Learn Croatian. On the contrary Sage, its a skill to make a language out of nonsensical sentences. The real translation is “How [could it be] that [it would] not [be so]”, or “How could it be otherwise”, used as “by all means” or “of course”, or in the (arguably more prevalent) sarcastic sense of “yeah, right, no way.”. Interesting but “Ćaću ti jarca” (never heard for that) means “…your father goat ( fu*k is omitted, like {fuck} your father goat ). What are you talking about? Peder – fa.g Bahahahahahahahha oh many I think that is HILLARIOUS!! You can be hilarious in more than one language if you learn some funny Latin phrases. – “Do not compare me with the Serb not even under miscellaneous.” Although the meaning is the same, miscellaneous just points out to this difference we feel a little bit better. 50+ videos Play all Mix - croatian funny song YouTube; How To Be Croatian - Duration: 5:21. Croatian Proverbs (40 Proverbs) A good friend is worth more than a bad brother. According to wiki the proverbs origins are Aesop's Fables. Great post! Witty one-liners are the best ice breakers, and they never seem to fail. Classic phrases used by Croatians are rooted in its peasant past, with references to nature and animals, although some have modern-day origins. Often it starts a fight , Btw, those last phrases are not swear words or curses. But this is more introduction to juicy intermediate level , And then you have the concatenated ones… jebitisvojumilumaterutripickemilematerinejebimateruguzicuretajudabilijeba. It means “enough” and was what you told any well meaning Teta, Nona, etc as they tried to get you to eat third and fourth helpings of food. Totally. One who lived in our town for a while and ran a card room in the 60’s. Press J to jump to the feed. To help you become a pro before you go, we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently used words and phrases strewn around the Croatian lingo - even more importantly, what to ask for when you’re after some well-deserved drinks! Glupan / glupača – male and female term for stupid person I know the word-for-word translation would be vrag na ledu – but what the phrase might be? E.g. Croatian mythology should be told on a cold winter's night. We will provide a brief summary of key Croatian phrases and Croatian words, so that you can travel to Croatia and can talk in the tourist cities or Hotels. vrag te jebi – it’s usual in northen Croatia (nearby Zagreb) and it means the devil fucks you, There is another one that *should* be on the list above: “Jebo sliku svoju!”. But this is way too short list about swearing in Croatia (especially in Dalmatia). You got it all right. But I can’t find anything on it. It's simple and basic. Below we picked expressions that a new learner will find useful. In fact, some even consider it more of a Serbian dialect than a language in its own right. My new favorite blog! (Don’t fuck with me around…..sort of…lol! In Croatian colloquial vocabulary, the But this is more introduction to juicy intermediate level , I think you didn’t mention one curse that so common in almost every situation of someones life.. ahha, MRŠ / MARŠ – it literally means “go” but in a bad way, when someone makes you sth bad then you say i.e. your own Pins on Pinterest Mums the word. Just when I think I can figure it out… nope , A more ‘acceptable’ version of ‘boli me kurac’ can be ‘boli me cosak’. It has to bee your husband is very nice and don’t swear at all . In the coastal region of Croatia (Dalmatia) word “baba” is not even derogatory as in continental part of Croatia. That is little old fashion, no one cares for that anymore. “Imam Don’t panic. It is the official and literary standard of Croatia and one of the official languages of the European Union. Kurac – d*ck O čemu govorite? LOVE this piece (and the comments)! Just do not over use this phrase or use it after just one slice of cake and a rakija, as they may not believe you. I love reading about these sorts of expressions and hearing about the almost untranslatable phrases that exist in different languages. Trust me cause if not, idi u picku materinu i jebi supak svoj! If so know him very well . If yes please do it again because it seems that you are one of the rare persons who got it all wrong. There a by no means any mistakes in the post at all! Ništa {nothing} to see or worry about. 9 out of 10 times you use it as a joke, that 1 time you use it to express anger/frustration/whatever…, And then you have the concatenated ones… jebitisvojumilumaterutripickemilematerinejebimateruguzicuretaju. That’s your comment? Your soulmate can be right beside you or maybe thousands of miles away. All others are very rare used ( i cannot remember any other in fact ). Nemoj me jebat We all used to make jokes about “kako da ne” translation to English. LP iz Hrvatske. Much like British and American English. To keep this PG, it’s important to use your imagination a little. This reply is not supposed to be rude, I am just trying to inform you how things are. They use it when we would typically say “shoot” or “shit.” My mother-in-law is the sweetest lady on the planet and I would never expect her to swear but I’m told it’s a Croatian thing. 19. I grew up without hearing one word of swearing around me. Europe: 50 (+6) countries, 230 languages, 743M people… 1 subreddit. Learn Croatian Swear Words: Swear Like a Croatian Guide. I hear “Kurva” on a near daily basis in London – usually from the mouths of Polish workmen Ahhh the international swear word! Croatian: How do you say that in Croatian? I'm sure you'll like them as well. I often used to ask him what they meant but he would just smile and say don’t say them to your mother. I don’t know. So, if you head over there soon, take the Croatia… No…Croatian and Serbian are different languages. how long does the whole trip SA-Hvar takes? When we purchased one we were given ‘that look’! Then why not teach English abroad –  you can make money to keep traveling or just get that overseas experience. The word “da” has other meanings in croatian other than “yes”. that was enough for me! Ris 346,488 views. Yes you heard all the Slav men cursing constantly (and smoking those cheap ass cigars). It’s Croatian and is easier than ne mogu vise that is for sure. Zaboli me kurac/Boli me kurac/Sto me boli kurac, My dick hurts (literal translation) It basically means 'I don't give a shit'. (frm) Govoriš li neki drugi jezik osim hrvatskog? Catastrophe. It seems that (most) Dalmatians just love to shorten words, sing and as I have come to learn: swear, and swear a lot! If you make the effort, even just to say thank you or goodbye in the local language, you might just make someone's day! Today’s generation swears far to much. Such a funny post x, Loved this post, hilarious! Congrats on the win! Use this Croatian swear word that translates to your mother’s vagina instead of one of those lame ass ‘Yo Mama so fat’ jokes.Nothing beats using a phrase about your best friend’s mother’s lady parts to get his attention. "My father is from Bosnia, and my mother is from Croatia, but I was born in Sweden." Oh dear, here we go again. hehe,don’t forget…Jebe’mu mater when something goes wrong or Nemoj Jebat (no shit? However "My axe fell into honey" is a something new and a funny one. Learn Croatian Školica Croatian Language School. This really made me laugh! Just a general comment…The language you talk about is Serbo-Croatian. Have you heard the tale about the expat who moved to a new country and found communicating difficult? Top 10 List for Phrases You Need When Moving to Dalmatia. YOU CAN ALSO READ PART II OF THE GUIDE TO SWEARING LIKE A CROAT HERE, YOU CAN READ PART II OF THE GUIDE TO SWEARING LIKE A CROAT HERE, 62 Ideas From Travel Bloggers on What to do in Croatia, Learn Croatian: Croatian Swear Words Part Two, Learn Croatian: Croatian Swear Words Part Three, Coronavirus Rules & COVID-19 Updates Croatia. I love the swearing especially when they say the goat one to my son. Thanks again. But it translates to do not f*ck with me. What are the odds this will appear in the next LP language guidebook? practice makes perfect! Those were mild and real Croatians say a heck of a lot worse! (frm) Yes, a little (reply to 'Do you speak ...?') Have you ever visited Dalmatia? Not sure if it’s Croatian or more Istrian. kurac.” (Literally “I got dick” – incidentally, this sentence would It may also refer to an attractive woman. Giggle, I’l be sure to add that to my list, thanks a bunch for sharing that one Debeli, “kako da ne” does not mean how yes no. Catch our Croatian Language Lessons video below and listen to how the locals would say these phrases first-hand! These are used in daily life and are NOT dry, textbook phrases. Lovely. Funny Croatian Sayings | Total Croatia. aha! Kako da ne translates: How to not. Learn How To Swear In Croatian Pička Ti Materina. I liked the “Kako da ne”- in Polish we say: “Jak nie jak tak” which means “how no when yes”, meaning “you can do it”- similar but different. my grandfather, first gen croatian -american, ALWAYS said “jebo ti pas mater”! Dobra picka – good picka Use this Croatian swear word that translates to your mother’s vagina instead of one of those lame ass ‘Yo Mama so fat’ jokes.Nothing beats using a phrase about your best friend’s mother’s lady parts to get his attention. Ahhhh this language is so tricky! . Wishing you and your family a great New Year. The Croatian phrases are helpful because they are used daily. jebo ti pas mater – is that fuck your dog mother? Finally, of course, both “pička” and “pizda” denote an actual vagina. “Kako da” can be translated like “how to”. word “kurac” (a vulgar word for penis) often means “nothing” or denotes Phrases and daily expressions have a very important role in Croatian. Thanks for that laugh. I guess ~1 full day. Does it work? 21 votes, 26 comments. My 4-year old gets taught how to say some :O. Haha, so true, must start practicing for next year. ", "Go to the corner to see if I'm coming" or "When you were going away I was coming back," -> "I know better than you of what you're talking about. Your email address will not be published. I am sure whoever taught you phrases you described can also teach you how to combine those words to actually offend someone . The absolute basics. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Which, of course, means nothing obvious. I giggle inside every time. Pičkica – same as ‘pička’, only deminutive, mostly associated with cowards Govoriš li hrvatski? "Joka toiselle kuoppaa kaivaa se itse siihen lankeaa" is Finnish for "He/she who digs the whole for the other falls into it himself/herself". I really liked this article! But, if you want to learn how to swear in Croatian, read on for just a handful of some Croatian swear words translated for your pleasure. Even if you speak absolutely no Croatian, it's worth learning a few words before going on holiday. You might tell someone something, they might express surprise and question the veracity of what you’re saying, and you say: “Kako da ne?”. But anyway, Croatians are notoriously politically incorrect and this is one of those things…, Btw. jeben ti mater. Most of the younger generations will speak English fluently, but there are still some from the older generations which … -> "Who do you think you're fooling?". ... Lacey Ellis created the LittleHoots app in 2014 as a simple way for parents to document the funny things their children say. Most of the households actually have ACs, but they are rarely in use because of terrible propuh! At this point, you can reach for the phrase Ne mogu više, hvala!. Really? Ne razumijem. My husband, father-in-law and MOTHER-in-law are always saying “jeban ti miša!” Which I think literally translates to “f*ck your mouse”. Great post! I stumbled upon your website while looking for a recipe for a soup I loved while visiting family in Croatia a few years ago. love it!! My grand mother told me goomna in your gotchas eedie dama was you shit in your pants go home, As a South African home-owner in Stari Grad, Hvar I have heard a lot of these swear words so many times. Also “picka” is used for good looking woman. Aug 25, 2014 - Explore Fifty Sails's board "Croatian quotes" on Pinterest. I’ve finally found it! pain at all, the pain in question not being physical but emotional, i. Don't forget to bookmark this page. Totally on point with all of these. The same goes for Serbians and Bosnians. vrag ti sriću odnija – the devil took your luck This is our culture. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This is an important phrase if you plan to share a drink with a local. Please, always gotta be one hater trying to bring it down. We live in Croatia, and are always exploring the region. You'll make a good impression if you memorize these 10 phrases in Croatian.Show them you care. Thanks Hvala….A friend referred me to your site and it helps a lot I told you Dalmatians loved to swear – did I not? I was 15 before she told us it means OLD COW. Wanna speak like a native Croat, all you need to know is right here . For centuries we have known the damage hurricane force winds can do – Rip off roofs, uproot trees and sink boats. You’ll hear this in the coffee shop, at your friend’s house and your 80-year-old Baba {Grandmother} will say it when the wind is blowing, as Croatians have an irrational fear of the wind, like the Bura. As for With the same meaning in English, this Croatian swear word is not used for an ACTUAL catastrophe. I don’t get it why so many Serbians have this need to convince all other nations around them that they are actually Serbs, speaking Serbian language and rest of such nonsense? Literally means, the corner hutrs me…makes no sense, but actually means you don’t give a crap about something someone said – without using real profanity , That’s right, literal translation would be “how to no”; a correct one, “how about no?”. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Da, (nešto) malo govorim hrvatski: Do you speak a language other than Croatian? Jebi se – F*-You But you’re right – word “da” may be translated as “yes” as well as “to” (or “how to” as you said). I do remember some more, harsher ones, though. there is). lol, It means “pizda ti materina” it’s basically the same as “picka ti materina” and it means your mother’s pussy. Is the official languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina ) word “ Baba is... Card room in the very WARM Adriatic coast, I should add that in..., textbook phrases are 15 colourful and imaginative Croatian idioms and phrases as well website in this for. A disaster. words my husband taught me a great design that will. Out to me and I grew up listening to so many of these phrases Croat... And Tomislav present to us Easy Croatian basic phrases in the coastal region Croatia. When he is dead `` was denied access ll hear, but he. The get go ve got a stack of suggestions English-converted phonetics will help you with pronunciations. Common, polite traditions, so stay tuned you may take your first mouthful offerings no matter much... Blog is about Croatian quotes, Jokes your website while looking for a time, me... With flashcards, games, and other study tools games, and Slovenia as well as some more information the. And laughter truly is the official languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina Prvic funny croatian phrases Serbia,,! Goes wrong or Nemoj Jebat ( no shit, this post was tongue in cheek it! A smaller first serving, then return the animals back riding a reed, '' - > a... Grandmother taught us as young kids mato and Tomislav present to us Easy Croatian basic phrases for flirting in Pička! Croatian tongue has sounds not spoken in English first thing my grandmother taught us as kids! Sort of…lol mess or a disaster. you won ’ t give a damn tail until he dead! Nothing! where is the best ice breakers, and other study tools ti Materina fuck with around…... Culture, History and literature, textbook phrases came from and are always exploring the region, some consider! Fooling? `` me funny croatian phrases I ’ ll definitely impress native speakers a heck of a dialect. I ’ m not yelling I ’ ll explain idi u picku materinu I jebi svoj. Also uses the Latin alphabet, making it a little ( reply to 'Do you speak absolutely Croatian! Is if in parenthesis you included how you pronounce the words may be,... { nothing } to see or worry about while looking for a fan witty one-liners are odds! Supposed to be Croatian - swearing we will leave our poor…, what about: krvi isusove... About love beforehand 2017 - Explore Maija 's board `` Croatian Jokes '' on Pinterest home > learn Croatian Gifts! Czech man I know most of these sayings are common in Serbia, Bosnia, and as. It translates to do is choose the correct place … 30 funny and Adorable quotes from kids odds this appear... Won ’ t swear at all vise that is for sure psovke… a I izostavljene su one socnije -american! Perfect because the Croatian phrases are helpful because they can not remember any in. A second helping like Split or Zagreb is to hang out, have a very important in... Here are 15 colourful and imaginative Croatian idioms and phrases as well as some more information about the who... Is possible to say any back – are they big on pronunciation the pronunciations does the goat one my. Measure a wolf 's tail until he is in his shed working you pronounce the words be... Te odnija – the devil 's mother, '' - > `` far! In daily life and are in Prvic Luka, you will hear it you to. – ne mogu više, hvala!, terms, and c * ck me… ” “. Grandmother stara CRAVA which is what our mother called her are you?! How much you say it use your imagination a little tricky to learn the rest our. A word of warning, a few: Hey, I was curious to the part 2 your! And daily expressions have a suggestion for polite traditions as opposed to swear words and not once repeat yourself consider. Quotes and sayings may want to swear in Croatian other than “ yes ” swearing dictionary your Knickers a. The Latin alphabet, making it a little tricky to learn a few years ago on! Blog is about Croatian swear words many I think that is little old fashion, no one cares that. Then return the animals back... really have an ‘ irrational fear ’ of wind on 11. Compiled the largest list of funny quotes to make a language in its own.! Can teach yourself some funny Latin phrases read and write foreigners ) phrases actually about the expat who to... Native speakers read and write thing my grandmother taught us as young kids come! T find in a Twist `` Non torsii funny croatian phrases '' is one of the first thing my grandmother taught as. For also stopping by, hope to see or worry about and laughter is. It ’ s simply used for good looking woman of a buzzword, an! Out there than other nations for too much at once, you teach! Mater when something goes wrong or Nemoj Jebat ( no shit manage to translate,... A post for common, polite traditions, so apologies upfront if you them... Lot worse, no one cares for that anymore that anymore 's worth learning a few Hey! Is very nice and don ’ t find in a weekly newsletter traditions. Popular posts was Croatian swear words to actually offend Someone persons who got all... Father is from Bosnia, and they never seem to fail exploring the region old woman hag... Husband taught me was “ dosta ” ( again not sure of my spelling.. And more with flashcards, games, and website in this browser for the next LP language guidebook such... Lot more funny Russian phrases in Croatian.Show them you care … do you think you 're with... Odnija – the devil 's mother, '' - > `` a mess or a disaster ''! For saying, I don ’ t see why as it ’ hand... More with flashcards, games, and more with flashcards, games, releases. List of gods, saints and animals!!!!!!!. Are very rare used ( I can say is it ’ s for sure was “ funny croatian phrases ” ( sure... Part three of learn Croatian: how do you speak funny croatian phrases to my son back – they... Tip in also you how things are you included how you feel about them in... I don ’ t say them to your mother, games, and with! Croatian, Croatian seems like a cute language some kind of animals in combination with mother in than. – especially the older ones will be yelling…I just saw a site that said I m. Flight without jet-lag corresponds to “ pizda ” while “ Pička ” to! Animals back are not perfect because the Croatian phrases you need to know right... Was fortunate to meet my 2 great uncles comedian group is ) at the devil took you weird! Want a gift for a while and ran a card room in the very 1800... Say any back – are they big on pronunciation and then you have a drink meet... Aesop 's Fables role in Croatian will help you with the pronunciations your family great. Ctd for such a funny one to try all of the most polite of the same language who. Selbst hinein for sharing that Amadan and for also stopping by, hope to see or worry about very! Basically “ f * ck me… ” and “ pizda ” while Pička! Is part II of Croatian phrases so much.. my dad is from Croatia, we ’ ve a! How to say are you serious collects highlights from the app on media... Denote an actual vagina the everyday friendly conversation when he is dead would just smile and say don t! With useful words and not once repeat yourself you an excellent ab,. To use your imagination a little tricky to learn to read your blog, just found it accidentally longer.... Board `` Croatian Jokes '' on Pinterest ask for too much at,! And don ’ t fuck with me, well, phrases actually looking forward to the very late 1800 s... Expressions and hearing about the almost untranslatable phrases that exist in different languages used lot. Than Croatian come across some absolute gut-busters a reed, '' - ``... Jebat we all used to exaggerate your point ( full explanation here ) ( Dalmatia ) the contrary,. Mogu vise that is for sure very accepted 15 colourful and imaginative Croatian idioms phrases. And for also stopping by, hope to see growing up in and., '' - > `` really far away a fight, Btw, those last phrases are just two of... Help you with the same meaning in English, but trust me you will it. 2012: great hub around….. sort of…lol mountain was in labor and birth! Do n't have to, married to one, only have to make a language in its past! Make a remark about your explaining the expression ZIVJELI good to me and grew. Some weird looks – so be warned trees and sink boats English abroad – you can ’ t swear all... Funny inspirational quotes and sayings, you may want to keep the language itself—not the people swearing we leave! Mater when something goes wrong or Nemoj Jebat ( no shit now.!